What is LPG and what are its advantages?

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What exactly is LPG ? How does a car using this fuel work? From a customer's point of view, does switching to LPG means a lot of changes?

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What is LPG engine?

LPG is a mixture of propane and butane (which has a standard in Europe: EN589).

Its combustion gives off less carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide emissions than a petrol engine.

Moreover, LPG has a major advantage: approximately 10% less CO2 emissions than an equivalent petrol engine.

How does it work?

In Europe and most of the world, the LPG injection system is an additional system to the existing petrol engine.

Its use requires a specific tank, capable of withstanding the pressure imposed by its storage in liquid form, and a slight modification to the engine's fuel system.

What are the advantages?

•    The price of LPG fuel is significantly more economical (up to more than half the price of a litre of petrol or diesel).
•    It's more ecological than gasoline and diesel. LPG emits 18% less CO2 than gasoline.
•    The vehicle can run on either petrol or LPG. It is equipped with two separate tanks, one for petrol and one for LPG. With both tanks full, the vehicle has a cumulative range of more than 1,000 km.
•    The LPG engine is not affected by traffic restrictions in large cities, especially during a pollution peak.

How much LPG?

The average price of LPG per liter is €0.90. LPG is around 50% cheaper than petrol.

The LPG-c thus asserts itself as the automotive fuel at the lowest price on the market.

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