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If you plan to visit the United States, you can drive with peace of mind. We have various categories of rental car to fit your lifestyle and your needs: economy, luxury, standard, SUV and more! With a rental, you can avoid planning visits to match public transportation routes and can truly relax.

All our vehicles have less than 6 months of us. You can thus truly take advantage of the freedom that comes with a rental car knowing that it is practically brand new, and so comfortable! In car rental, the mileage is unlimited and you benefit from a 24/7 roadside assistance

Before visiting the United States with your rental car

Check out our destination factsheets such as Miami or Orlando where we have prepared a repertoire of tourist attractions for your next stay in the USA. Not convinced yet that you should get a rental car for the United States? Check out rental car advantages.

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Currency:American dollar (USD)
Official language:English
Population:324 811 000
Area total:9 833 517 km²
President:Joe Biden
National motto:In God we trust
Anthem:The Star-Spangled Banner The stars and Stripes Forever
National day:July 4th
Largest cities:New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia

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 United States

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