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If you are planning to rent a car for your next trip in Le Lamentin, Martinique, you are making a good decision: you can see a lot more than the other tourists! You will not be limited in your travel due to public transit restrictions. You are the boss of your stay! In car rental, the mileage is unlimited and you benefit from a basic 24/7 roadside assistance.

Le Lamentin, discover it with a rental car

To get to the magnificent beaches of Martinique, nothing beats a rental car that you can fill with all the luggage you need for the entire day! We have 14 categories of rental cars according to the storage space you want and the number of passengers travelling with you.

Among the most popular beaches in Le Lamentin, you will find the Plage des salines, lined with coconut trees and covered in white sand. Be sure to also visit Cap Est to enjoy the extremely calm and shallow water there. Are you feeling a bit hungry? Taste Martinique gastronomy and creole cuisine, the local specialty. The city is truly a land of flavours... be sure to take advantage of it! Your rental vehicle will allow you to try various restaurants without being limited to the nearest ones.

Le Lamentin offers many attractions, not to mention its "eternal summer" climate that hovers around 26°C all year long. As you move about, you can enjoy both the warm outdoor air and refreshing air conditioning with your rental car. That's a win-win!

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