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Important: Accessories are purchased by the client and thus they are the owner and may keep them at the end of their contract. In no case will Peugeot, DS Automobiles and Europ Auto car leasing the accessories that you have purchased.

Car leasing offers child car seats, roof bars and snow chains as accessories and fuel fill-up as an option.

Child car seats

Important: In Europe, the use of a restraint seat suited to the child’s height and weight are mandatory for children under 10 years of age:

  • Up to age 7: authorized car seat
  • Between ages 7-10: booster

Especially selected by Peugeot and DS Automobiles, child car seats meet the highest standards in terms of safety and regulations.

Important: The seat choice is the sole responsibility of the client and must be reserved when the vehicle reservation is completed. Once you arrive, it will already be installed by our agents.

3 types of car seats are offered

2023 prices

Römer Baby SafeRömer DuoKiddy Cruiser Fix Pro

0 à 12 months.

Up to 13 kg

9 months. to 4 years.

9 to 18 kg

4 to 10 years.

15 to 36 kg

$535 CAD

$632 CAD

$535 CAD

Rear-facing seat

Forward-facing seat

Forward-facing seat

Note: You can also bring your own car seats or choose to buy one when you arrive in Europe.

Fuel fill-up, roof bars, snow chains, snow sock and charging cable for hybrid vehicle

The optional fuel fill-up allows you to take to the road as soon as you arrive with a full fuel tank.

Important: You don’t have to fill up when you return the vehicle: this is one of the great advantages of the car leasing plan!

2024 prices

Peugeot modelsFuel fill-upRoof bars (pair)Snow chains (pair)Snow sock (pair) Charging cable for hybrid vehicle 7.4 KW

Peugeot 208 

$195 CAD


Peugeot 2008 

$195 CADN/A$161 CAD$273 CADN/A

Peugeot 308 

$195 CADN/A$146 CAD$210 CADN/A

Peugeot 308 SW 

$195 CADN/A$146 CAD$210 CADN/A

Peugeot 3008 

$195 CADN/A$161 CAD$282 CADN/A

Peugeot 408

$195 CADN/A$161 CADN/AN/A

Peugeot 5008 

$195 CADN/A$161 CAD$282 CADN/A

Peugeot 508 

$195 CADN/A$653 CADN/AN/A

Peugeot 508 SW

$195 CADN/A$653 CADN/AN/A
DS Automobiles modelsFuel fill-upRoof bars (pair)Snow chains (pair)Snow sock (pair)Charging cable for hybrid vehicle 7.4 KW

DS 3 Crossback

$195 CAD

DS 4$195 CADN/A$160 CAD$282 CADN/A

DS 7 Crossback

$195 CAD

DS 9$195 CADN/A$615 CADN/AN/A


Updated on May 18, 2024.

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