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Before leaving, don’t forget your prepaid exchange voucher that Europ Auto sent you. The delivery agent with our partners such as Avis, Budget, Enterprise and Europcar will require it. This voucher is proof that your rental car is already prepaid depending on the type of contract (all-inclusive, with or without insurance) that you chose during reservation.

Only the owner of the Europ Auto exchange voucher, the main driver, may pick up the vehicle. You must sign the rental contract onsite with our partner supplier. It is your responsibility to accept or refuse the insurance proposed by our supplier’s onsite agents. Take the time to read the contract and ask the agent, if necessary, for additional information. Keep the contract because you must show it to our partner agent when you return the vehicle.

Fees are invoiced in indivisible 24-hour blocks. You must respect the pick up and return times stipulated in your contract to avoid being billed directly by our partner for an extra day, because the initial time marks the beginning of the period.

Picking up your rental vehicle

Upon presentation of your exchange voucher, a driver’s licence that has been valid for at least a year, additional ID (or other supporting document), and your valid credit card (the same one used to reserve your rental car), the rental centre agents will hand you the documents (registration certificate, insurance certificate, etc.) and the keys to the car within the category you have chosen.

Note: Depending on the renter and the car category (luxury, sports car, etc.), agents may require a second card.

Before getting behind the wheel of your car, Europ Auto recommends that you look over the vehicle carefully and ask the rental agents to note any existing damages on your contract.

The vehicle is generally rented to you with a full tank of fuel. If this is not the case, be sure to have the agent take note of it on the contract. If not, you must return the vehicle with a full tank of gas.

The vehicle is rented in conformity to the highway road safety standards of that country. If this is not the case, for example if the safety kit is missing from the vehicle (visibility vest and warning triangle), request one before heading out.

Europ Auto will have finalized all the formalities prior to your departure and the vehicle equipped in conformity to the highway safety standards of that country, all you have to do is pay the additional required fees according to the rental contract you have chosen such as first station fees, daily taxes, etc. as well as optional fees, if necessary, such as additional drivers, requested accessories (ex: child car seat), premiums for any geographical restrictions and other additional insurance that you will decide whether or not to take when onsite.

Returning your rental vehicle

Because the car was renting with a full tank of fuel, be sure to return the vehicle with the same quantity as when you set out.

In the case of default, you will be billed directly by our partner at the price posted at the rental centre, in addition to considerable service fees. If, as stipulated at contract signing, the fuel tank was not full, you may return it at the same level as when you set out. However, to avoid additional fees, be sure to have the rental agent note it on your contract.

We recommend that you look over the car carefully to clarify any possible damage with the agent and to avoid future problems with additional invoicing. Be sure to point out any damages that were indicated on your contract by the agent at pickup.

You must return the documents (registration certificate, certificate of insurance, etc.) and the keys to the vehicle that you received at pickup. If not, you will be directly billed by our partner.

You must return your vehicle in a centre (as stipulated on or contract or one that you have chosen in the case of a change of return location). If you fail to do so, you will be billed: recovery costs, parking fees, towing, etc.

At pick up, the vehicle came equipped in conformity to the highway safety regulations of that country. In the case of non-return, for example if the safety kit (visibility vest and warning triangle) are not in the vehicle, you will be billed directly by our partner.

During your car rental contract

When you are not driving the car, be sure to activate the alarm, if applicable, by locking the vehicle with a key and activating the anti-theft function.

Only the main driver, contract holder and additional authorized drivers, as mentioned in the contract, may drive the vehicle.

Use the vehicle in a normal, prudent fashion and respect the laws in the Highway Code. If not, you will be subject to fines such as speeding, alcohol abuse, violating parking regulations, etc. Pay these fines directly because, if not, they will be increased and will be charged directly to your credit card by our partner.

In the case of vehicle breakdown or an accident requiring immediate or emergency repairs, contact our partner’s roadside assistance services to proceed with the necessary repairs.

In the case of theft, prepare a statement explaining the circumstances of the theft and submit it to our partner.

In the case of theft of your personal belongings, if you registered for a "Super PAI" optional guarantee, you must compile a list of the stolen objects as well as a theft report filed with the authorities.

If you need to change the return location or extend your contract: our partner may choose to give you a vehicle from the same category or if possible allow you to keep the same vehicle. In such as case, you must contact the agency who prepared the contract, that is, the agency where you picked up the car.

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