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Rent a car in France - Europ Auto – Car rental in France: the best service at the best price!

With Europ Auto, you travel in France with complete serenity and safety !

You rent a car in France, Europ Auto offers you an unparalleled offer of cars in France to meet the needs of your travel (number of persons onboard, volume of the luggage...).

More than 460 delivery centres welcome you upon your arrival in France. Their privileged location in airport zones, train stations or downtown areas will make your steps easier.

You choose a car category:  economy or compact, 2 or 4 doors sedan or station wagon. All year long, a range of cars is selecting that meets all your needs in terms of rent a car in France.

Europ Auto
helps you to choose your vehicle:  car rental in France – the offered models.

For your car rental in France, Europ Auto offers you the best service at the best price!

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A area of 550 000 square kilometres. The widest country in western Europe (almost one fifth of the European Union area), with a vast maritime zone (exclusive economic  zone covering11 million square kilometres). Capital: Paris. Plain topography : 2/3 of the territory. Major mountain ranges : the Alps (its highest mountain is Mont-Blanc, the highest peak in western Europe - 4 807 metres), the Pyrenees, the Jura, the Ardennes, the Massif Central and Vosges. The coast : open on 4 maritime areas  (the North Sea, The English Channel, the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea), France has 5 500 km of coast. Population 62,2 millions (2005). Density : 96 /km2. France has 57 urban areas that have a population of over 100 000. The French Republic  encompasses : metropolitan France (divided into 22 regions and 96 departments), and  4 overseas departments (DOM). 


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