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Car rental in Europe, Canada, United States... What do you need to know?

To be able to rent a car, you must usually have 21 years of age or more and detain a legal and valid driver’s license held for at least 1 year. Your driving license must be the original document. Please note that the minimum age restriction varies from one country to another and from one car category to another. Some extra fees apply.

With picking up your car rental, the main driver must provide a personal identification document, a personal credit card (except for Maestro, Aurore and Electron which are not accepted) and a proof of residence dating from the past two (2) months.

Our partners give you the possibility to register several drivers. You must specify the additional drivers and pay the surcharge at your rental agency before signing your contract and leaving with the vehicle. The only persons authorized to drive said vehicule are the main driver, the additonal driver(s) registered upon signing the contract.

The car is delivered with a full tank of gas, please fill it up before returning the vehicle. If you do not do so or if you do not buy the 'Fuel Up Front' option, refuelling service charges will apply.

In case of car breakdown requiring immediate repairs, please contact our partners' assistance 24/7 to conduct said repairs. 

Please respect the Traffic regulations specific to the visited countries. Any violation of traffic rules will be of the responsibility of the drivers and any fine will be invoiced as well as services charges.

In case of theft, make a summary outlining the circumstances of the event. This document will need to be given at the counter when returning the car.

In case of theft of the personal belongings from the car, if you purchased an additional coverage 'Super PAI', you will need to provide a copy of the declaration of theft with the local police at the renter's counter.

You can change the place of return of the vehicle or extend your contract, but you will have to inform the agency where your contract was signed. In this case, the rental company may offer you a change of category and some supplements may apply.

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