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Car rental in Europe, Canada, United States... Procedures to observe

Before your departure, do not forget the prepaid voucher given by Europ Auto. At time of pick-up of the car, said document will be required as proof of payment of your car rental. That document proofs also the type of contract selected at time of booking (all inclusive, with or without insurance).

The only person authorized to drive the rented car is the one who signed the contract, or the additional driver(s) registered locally. The main driver will sign a contract locally. It is the responsibility of the driver to accept or deny any one of the insurances offered locally by the car rental representative. Please make sure to carefully read and understand your contract and if needed, ask for more information at the local counter. Please respect the pick-up and drop-off times specified when booking if you do not want to pay any supplement. Each rental is based on 24-hour periods and the time of pick-up will determine the calculation period.

Upon delivery

Upon presenting your voucher, a valid driving license held for a minimum of 1 year, personal identification (or any other document that proves your identity), and proof of residence, the agents at the delivery center will give you the car (according to selected category), its documents and keys.

Before leaving with your car, report any damage clearly at the rental counter.The car is delivered with a full tank of gas; to avoid any extra fees, Europ Auto recommendsto fill up the car before returning it. The car must be delivered with the safety equipment required by the laws (e.g. for France, a safety kit including a high visibility vest and a warning triangle must be in the trunk of your car; make sure to have it with you at time of pick-up). All the formalities were made by Europ Auto. Locally you will have to pay some mandatory fees according to selected contract and varying from one country to another and one car category to another such as: first location surcharge, road taxes, ... optional fees like additional driver(s), accessories (e.g. child seat), extra coverages you decide to buy on the spot.

Upon return

Since the car was delivered with a full tank of gas, please fill it up before returning it. Any difference will be billed to you at the prices posted by the car rental company plus service charges.

Again, before returning your car, report any damage clearly at the rental counter. Make sure to give back the keys and the complete set of documents of the car. If not, some fees will be debited from your credit card in case of lost or theft of these items.

You must return your vehicle at a car rental counter (the one stipulated in your contract or the one chosen in case of a change of the return location). If you fail to do so, the car rental company will bill you for the search costs, parking charges, car removal fees...

During your trip

When not using your car, please make sure to lock the doors and set the alarm.

The only person autorized to drive the rented car is the one who signed the contract or the additional driver(s) registered locally at time of pick-up.

Please respect the traffic regulations specific to the visited countries. Any violation of traffic rules will be of the responsibility of the drivers and any fine will be invoiced as well as services charges. Try to pay these fines locally to avoid extras.

In case of car breakdown requiring immediate repairs, please contact our partner's assistance 24/7 to conduct said repairs.

In case of theft of the car, make a summary outlining the circumstances of the event. The document will need to be given at the counter when returning the car.

In case of theft of personal belongings from the car, if you purchased an additional coverage 'Super PAI', you will need to provide a copy of the declaration of theft with the local police at the renter's counter.

You can change the place of return of the vehicle or extend your contract, but you will have to inform the agency where your contract was signed. In this case, the rental company may offer you a change of category and some supplements may apply.

For further information: contact us.

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