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Buy back (Peugeot achat rachat) and car rental - Common provisions

The purchaser recognizes that Europ Auto Jet Inc. (Europ Auto Vacances is a registered trademark of Europ Auto Jet Inc.), holder of a travel agent license awarded by the “Office de la Protection du Consommateur du Québec” (Quebec Consumer Protection Agency), acts only as an intermediary between the purchaser and Peugeot Sodexa (‘“the Manufacturer”) or Avis, Budget and Europcar (“the Renter”) and that for this reason, Europ Auto Jet Inc. has no control over the Manufacturer or the Renter. Europ Auto Jet Inc. does not assume any responsibility in the event of a delay or default on the Manufacturer or Renter’s part, or of its agents or representatives, nor in the event of physical, material or moral damages.


Europ Auto Jet Inc. does not assume any responsibility arising from the representations, statements or interpretations made by a travel agent, a representative, or the Manufacturer or the Renter, relating to the standard, the quality, or the services rendered or the advantages, included or not in the goods and services in the Purchase order or Voucher.


By signing the Manufacturer’s Purchase order or the Renter's Contract, the purchaser confirms that he understands and accepts the terms and conditions of the Manufacturer or the Renter and Europ Auto Jet Inc.

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