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Peugeot buy back - Car rental. Important regulations to observe in Europe

Driver's licence

Some countries accept the Canadian driver's license. However, most countries require an International driver's license (IDL), which is used as a legal identification document and in which the information relating to the Canadian driver's license is translated into 11 foreign languages. The IDL is used as a supplement to the Canadian driver's license and you can obtain it before your departure in any CAA service center in your area.


The use of a size and weight adjustable restraint system is mandatory for children under 10 years old (approved seat up to 7 years old, and booster seat between 7 and 10 years old).

Number of passengers in the vehicle

The vehicle's registration certificate indicates the maximum number of people authorized. For insurance and legal liability purposes, you must comply to it.

Caution: whatever their age, children are always counted as taking up a whole seat.

Traffic regulations

Regulations differ from one country to another and you must observe them. Violations can result in hefty fines. You are responsible for obtaining the necessary information before your departure.

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