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You will surely be charmed by the capital of Hawaii! And what better way to enjoy than being able to go where you want, when you want with a rental car! To try it is to love it: you will quickly get a taste for the liberty that you could never have when taking the bus on vacation! In car rental, the mileage is unlimited and you benefit from a basic 24/7 roadside assistance.

Visit Honolulu with a rental car

Honolulu and its surroundings are filled with charm. With a rental car, you can get where you want to go easily and in less time. First head to Kaneohe to discover the culture of the native Hawaiian people who live there.

The Polynesian Cultural Center is also a good stop with its 42 hectares allowing you to explore the 7 island nations of the Pacific in one unique place. Don't miss the Rainbows of Paradise where every day, at 2:30 pm the Polynesians present the traditions of the Pacific Islands dressed in traditional costumes.

Old and young alike will be charmed by the Planetarium, the Bishop Museum and the maritime port. For breathtaking scenery, take your rental car and visit the south side of Oahu, a sight that you must not miss. As this place offers little in the way of services, your rental car will be ideal to skip back to the city quickly if you need to, or to pack everything you need for a picnic in this true paradise.

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