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Mexico City is a jewel, but the surrounding area is, too! With a rental car, you will never miss any attractions, on top of travelling in the comfort of your vehicle. You can go where you want, when you want without having to follow a map or public transportation timetable. In car rental, the mileage is unlimited and you benefit from a basic 24/7 roadside assistance.

Visit Mexico City by rental car

Mexico City is scattered with passionate places to visit, such as the Plaza de la Consitution, El Parque de l'Alameda Central and the Bosque de Chapultepec which includes a lake, botanical garden, zoo and several museums which are all sure to please the entire family. Mexico City is very chaotic and overcrowded so you will no doubt want to escape the confines of the city. Your rental vehicle will allow you to do so easily and in great comfort.

Travelling by car in the regions surrounding Mexico City will give you the chance to visit the archeological site Teotihuacan, about 2 hours outside the city. Another vital stop is the "City of Gods," one of the most impressive attractions in Mexico with its imposing monuments and intriguing history. If you want to see ruins that are a bit less well-known, the archeological site Xochicalco is sure to interest you.

If you get the opportunity, take to the road in your rental car in direction towards Taxco, a city 160 kilometres from Mexico City that will charm you with its mountainside architecture and little paved streets. A little road trip that is certainly worth the detour!

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