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Throughout the year, a fleet of vehicles is specially selected to meet all your needs.

Our fleet is comprised of 90% tour cars and all car manufacturers are available to respond to your expectations.

More than 300,000 new vehicles purchased each year

To ensure constant choices, more than 300,000 new vehicles are purchased each year. All the most recent and perfectly maintained vehicles (the average life of a car in our fleet is 5 and a half months) are available. They are examined and cleaned after every rental to ensure your maximum security and comfort. They are also equipped with the latest environmental technological advancements.

A vehicle category for every situation

Whether travelling alone, as a couple or as a family, from economy and compact to sedans and minibuses, you can choose the vehicle category according to the number of passengers and luggage you are carrying.

Do you want to splurge a little? We also offer convertibles and sports cars.

Your rental contract always stipulates, "or equivalent": you won’t know the brand, model or level of vehicle equipment that will be given within the chosen category. The availability of diesel-fuelled or automatic transmission vehicles varies from country to country.

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