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Peugeot Open Europe - The environment, a commitment!

Pleasure car, innovative car, environmentally friendly car!

Peugeot Open Europe: the number 1 buy back cars (auto leasing) in the world.

Peugeot leads the fight against CO2 in Europe.

For several years, Peugeot has been merging man, car, and planet together. Transportation is the source of over one quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in France. Aware of its responsibility in the field and convinced that controlling the greenhouse effect is the main ecological goal Peugeot continues to do research to offer users engines that are more powerful and less polluting.

Peugeot invests massively in technology and uses its technological know-how to drastically reduce its vehicles’ fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The proof is in our actions: HDI diesel engines, related pollution control systems, such as direct fuel injection gasoline engines, designed and manufactured by Peugeot, combine environmental protection with driving pleasure. Each day, Peugeot continues to do research to develop technological solutions and design processes contributing to abetter integration of the car with the environment. 


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