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Think comfort, it makes travelling more enjoyable!

Make a small calculation and you will realize that, for a few dollars more per day, you can enjoy a higher category model that is more roomy and more comfortable, or equipped with an automatic transmission or a GPS.

Peugeot Eurolease plan - Peugeot Open Europe

Extract from Mr. Bourget's testimony:
" The quality construction, the comfort, the handling ..."

Peugeot 207

You choose a manufacturer, Peugeot, and your new car (current year). All models
are equipped with air conditioning, power steering, a car radio with CD player, an electronic engin immobilizer, centralized and automatic door and trunk locking when starting, ABS brakes...

Peugeot 207

All vehicles are equipped with a set of high performance technological systems working together to offer more driving-related safety and comfort, and to protect their occupants. Your selection of an automatic transmission is guaranteed to be available at delivery.

To find out more: Peugeot - greater comfort

Car rental

You choose a car category. You neither know the brand, the model, nor the equipment level of the vehicle that you will be given. The proposed vehicles in the range, all from the largest manufacturers, are always recent, and are checked and cleaned after each rental. Their average service life in the fleet is 5 ½ months. Over 300,000 new vehicles are bying per year to ensure you maximum comfort and a constant selection.

Warning: the availability of automatic transmission vehicles varies from one country to the other.

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