Car insurance for your trip to Europe: peace of mind with the Car-2-Europe - Peugeot and DS Automobiles car leasing

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Car-2-Europe (Peugeot or DS Automobiles) car leasing: by renting a brand-new car with car leasing plan, you are covered by a multi-risk, no-deductible insurance policy. Your auto insurance is valid in 32 European countries. In addition, during the duration of your trip to Europe, you will benefit from roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What is covered by the policy?

The insurance, a multi-risk, no-deductible policy includes the following protection:

  • Driver civil liability (including passengers that are transported free of charge in the vehicle);
    • Bodily injury: Unlimited
    • Other damages: €100.000.000
  • Vehicle fire;
  • Vehicle theft (based on approval following a police report);
  • Broken window glass;
  • Damage caused by accidents to the vehicle, including acts of vandalism (based on approval following a police report);
  • Legal protection;
  • Driver protection;
  • Vehicle towing
  • Misfuelling;
  • Flat or burst tires.


  • In the case of an accident you must always fill out the joint report for accident notification.
  • In the case of theft, attempted theft or vandalism, you must file a police report.

In the event of a damage that does not require immediate repair (an aesthetic damage that does not affect the safety of the vehicle), you can return your vehicle at the end of your stay without extra charge, after informing CAR-2-EUROPE via a detailed letter at

Who is covered?

The contract holder as well as all other persons transported free of charge in the vehicle, in respect to the authorized number of passengers registered on the vehicle’s registration certificate as well.

When are you covered?

You are covered throughout the duration of your contract as indicated on your international automobile insurance green card.

However, it is possible to extend the initial contract duration by contacting Car-2-Europe (Peugeot & DS Automobiles), at least 4 days prior to contract termination:

  • For Peugeot  at +33 (0)1 56 47 61 61
  • For DS Automobiles at +33 (0)1 56 47 60 09

What should you do in the case of damage?

In the case of damages occurring in an authorized country, at fault or not, you will benefit from total coverage with no-deductibles.

Procedure to follow in the case of damage, accident, vandalism, attempted theft or total theft.

Procedure to follow in the case of damage, accident, vandalism, attempted theft or total theft.

Warning: In the case where a vehicle is immobilized for repairs, you remain the contract holder and owner of the vehicle. In such cases, you must retake possession of the vehicle following the repairs. No home delivery of the repaired vehicle will be offered. Expenses undertaking without prior approval from Peugeot or DS Automobiles Assistance will not be reimbursed.

The Car-2-Europe car leasing contract does not cover the following incidents:

  • Loss or theft of luggage and personal effects;
  • Fines, tickets and accidents related to alcohol;
  • Loss, theft or damage to vehicle keys;
  • Obvious misuse of the vehicle;
  • Non-respect of vehicle maintenance conditions as outlined in the maintenance guide;
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Any case of force majeure;
  • Entrication if stuck;
  • Participation in competitions, sports rallies or preparatory tests of these events;
  • Damage incurred when the driver, at the moment of the event, is not of age or does not hold a valid driver's licence as required by the regulations in place;
  • Non-compliance with the road regulations of the countries visited;
  • Vehicle use in unauthorized countries.


  • Expenses undertaking without prior approval from Assistance will not be reimbursed.
  • In the case of an incident in a country not covered by the contract, you will be held responsible for all repairs or costs relating to repairs.

In the case of any problem (vehicle theft, accident, breakdown or other incident)

The 24/7 roadside assistance helps you at all times.

Replacement vehicle following an accident or robbery

If you must rent a replacement vehicle to a rental company during your trip, do not accept complementary insurance. Car-2-Europe (Peugeot or DS Automobiles) insurance conditions cover rental vehicles. In such a case, return your rental car with a full tank directly to the rental company and not to a Peugeot or DS Automobiles return centre.

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