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Peugeot car leasing: with roadside assistance available everywhere across Europe always, you can drive in total confidence with your brand-new  car leasing vehicle. If you break down or have an accident, don’t panic. Your roadside assistance is there to help you, no matter where you are in 32 European countries.


In the case of vehicle damage or a breakdown bringing your vehicle to a standstill, Car-2-Europe (Peugeot or DS Automobiles) guarantee your mobility.

Assistance is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. An advisor will assist you in one of the following languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese.

  • For Peugeot: +33 (0)1 47 89 24 24.
  • For DS Automobiles: +33 (0)9 69 39 07 30.

What events are covered by this assistance?

  • Breakdown bringing the vehicle to a standstill that cannot be repaired within the same day;
  • Accident, vandalism or attempted theft bringing your vehicle to a standstill where the damage cannot be repaired within the same day;
  • Vehicle theft.

How does the assistance work?

Important: Roadside assistance works within the limits of the countries covered or excluded from the contract.

24/7 roadside assistance

 Assistance intervention does not guarantee that you will not have to change your initial plans. No financial compensation will be offered in such a case.

Assistance and towing

  • On-site assistance;
  • Towing of vehicles to the nearest Peugeot or DS Automobiles.

In the case in which the vehicle is completely immobilized, you will have the choice between lodging or a rental car. he assistance support will be limited to a maximum amount of € 1 000 per incident. Transport and accommodation options cannot be cumulative


  • On-site lodging while awaiting repairs, as the case may be, are offered by Budget Assistance: 90 € TTC per night and per person;
  • Meals, drinks, telephone calls and other miscellaneous fees remain your responsibility.

Rental car

Depending on availability and your needs, you may benefit from a rental car from the same category up to the maximum equivalent.

  • Peugeot or DS Automobiles insurance coverage does not apply to rental vehicles. The rental vehicle will be covered by the insurance contract offered by the rental agency and is a separate matter.
  • At the rental agency, you can accept complimentary insurance (repurchase insurance).
  • A credit card deposit is generally requested by the renter.
  • The rental vehicle must be returned with a full tank of fuel and no damages.
  • The rental vehicle must be returned to the same agency where it was rented.
  • Costs related to the use of the rental vehicle (fuel, tolls, parking, any additional fees, etc.) remain your responsibility.
  • The use of a rental vehicle may limit the number of countries you are authorized to visit. Be sure to inform the Assistance of your itinerary.


  • In certain exceptional cases, plane or train tickets and taxi fares may be covered.
  • Once repairs are completed, you must again take possession of your TT vehicle (Temporary transit), Peugeot or DS Automobiles car leasing, at the garage where the repairs were made. No home delivery of the repaired vehicle shall be offered.
  • These risks may bring, as the case may be, some modifications to your initial plans for your stay in Europe. However, no financial compensation may be claimed in this regard.

In the case of Force Majeure

The Car-2-Europe Peugeot or DS Automobiles Assistance shall not be held responsible for not fulfilling the above-stated commitments in the case of force majeure.

Force Majeure includes any event that is entirely out of the control of either party, notably:

  • Requisition;
  • Civil or foreign wars;
  • Acts of terrorism or sabotage;
  • Mobs and civil commotion;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Strikes, with or without occupation.


The Car-2-Europe Peugeot or DS Automobiles Assistance shall in no way intervene for incidents associated with the following:

  • Manifest non-compliance of the manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance plan;
  • Loss of keys and/or transponder cars (coded key);
  • Misfuelling, running out of fuel or lubricant errors;
  • Vehicle immobilization by authorities, notably for major infractions (speed and/or alcohol) or impound;
  • Vehicle use in unauthorized countries;
  • Participation in competitions, sports rallies or preparatory tests for such events;
  • Getting the vehicle stuck;
  • In the case of force majeure;
  • Manifest misuse of the vehicle.

In the case of any of the above-mentioned incidents, the Assistance will invoice the entirety of engendered costs.

Telephone number to remember

Ensure that you always have the assistance number with you:

  • For Peugeot: +33 (0)1 47 89 24 24.
  • For DS Automobiles: +33 (0)9 69 39 07 30.


In the case of theft, accident, fire, broken windows…

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