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Area : 92 000 km². Population : 10 million. Capital : Lisbon. Main cities : Porto, Braga, Coimbra, Setùbal. Currency : Euro. Language spoken : Portuguess. Heritage : Portugal resembles most of the European style countries (romanesque, gothic, Renaissance) ; nevertheless, it has a unique style, the " Manueline ", (arisen from the great discoveries of the XVth and XVIth centuries) and the art of the " azulejos " ( ceramic tilework), both specific and deeply Portuguese. Even the baroque style has taken a particular aspect in Portugal, associating carved wood with the " azulejos ". Although of small dimension, Portugal has 13 UNESCO " World Heritage " sites : the historic centrers (Porto, Guimarães, Angra do heroismo) the monuments (Alcobaça, Batalha, convent of the Order of Christ (Tomar), Hieronimytes and the Belém Tower (Lisbon), the Douro valley, the prehistoric rock paintings of Foz Côa, the cultural heritage and Natural Park of Sintra and also, in Madeira, the Laurel Forest and, in the Azores, the Pico island vineyards.

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