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Car rental in Madrid with Europ Auto, you travel whith complete serenity and safety!



Upon your arrival in Madrid, over 18 delivery centers welcome you for your car rental in Madrid.

Their privileged location in airport zones, train stations or downtown areas will make your steps easier.

Upon presentation of your Madrid car rental exchange voucher, of a driver's licence, legal and held for at least one year, of an ID card (or any document proving your identity) and of a proof of residence, the delivery center agent will give you all the car (*) documents and keys, according to the type of Madrid car rental category you have chosen.


The car is delivered to you with a full tank of fuel.

Europ Auto suggests that you check your car before you leave and report any existing damage to the agent.
Europ Auto also suggests that you follow thereturn procedures of your car.

Unlimited mileage is included in all Europ Auto contracts. You will only be required to pay the mandatory additional fees, on the spot in Madrid, such as first station fees, daily tax ...or optional fees such as for an additional driver, requested accessories (e.g. child car seat), the premium to waive eventual geographical restrictions, and any othercomplementary insurance that you may decide to buy on the spot.


(*) You choose a car category, Europ Auto helps you choose your vehicle :  car rental in Madrid - the offered models.

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Madrid is the capital of Spain. The largest and most populated city in the country, it is also the capital of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. It also home for the World Tourism Organization.
Almost at the geographical center of the Iberian peninsula, about 50 km south of the Sierra de Guadarrama, the city spreads in la vast plain, 600 to 700 metres above sea level, witch makes it one of the highest capitals in Europe. The city has a population of nearly 4 000 000 comprised in an urban area of 7 000 000 (including Toledo et Guadalajara).
Madrid becomes the capital of the Kingdom of Spain in 1561, under Philip II. From then on, the city is enriched with numerous monuments: palaces, churches, monasteries... This profusion is called the Madrid of the Habsburgs.
In the XVIIIth century, the Bourbons succeed to the Habsburgs. Madrid then goes thru a great urbanistic expansion. The artistic involvement of the kingship, Charles III or Philip V, entices the construction of new architectural treasures. Monuments, gardens, places constitute the Madrid of the Bourbons.

These two dynasties have bequeathed an exceptional patrimony to us.
The Spanish capital can only delight art amateurs with its monuments, its old wards and its colourful streets.
Between 1936 and 1939, the civil war opposes the nationalists to the republicans, Madrid is defended by the republican army. It finally surrenders to the nationalists in March of 1939, Franco's dictatorship will last for 40 years. In the meantime, the city grows considerably and houses most of the large State Administrations.

n 1977, democracy is back, it is the Modiva. Hereafter, Madrid goes thru an impressing expansion.

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