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Visited countries, regions

Whether you travel in a mountainous area or on the seaside, the engine power and the type of transmission (manual or automatic) will make all the difference, as far as both safety and driving comfort go.

To prepare your itinerary.

Peugeot Eurolease plan - Peugeot Open Europe

Please yourself! Choose a precise model, your new Peugeot car.

Travel in complete tranquility throughout the 41 authorized countries.

The selected power and transmission are guaranteed to be available upon delivery of your Peugeot.

Europ Auto helps you create your itinerary:

  • select a Peugeot model equipped with an integrated Navteq GPS.

For further information: contact us.

Car rental

You choose a car category. You neither know the brand, the model, nor the equipment level of the vehicle that you will be given.

Some delivery centers propose rental GPS rental.

Warning: according to the country of delivery, geographical restrictions may apply to the car category and to the countries you may visit. The availability of automatic transmission vehicles varies according to the country.

For further information: contact us.

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