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Peugeot Eurolease

You need information regarding the Peugeot Eurolease plan (Peugeot leasing) ? The site was designed, and is regularly updated, to offer as much information as possible (Site map).

All the detailed services of this plan are included in the Peugeot Open Europe Practical Guide Book.

Can I choose the color of my car?

Unfortunatly, you cannot choose the color of your new Peugeot car. In fact, it is the only thing that cannot be guaranteed to be available for delivery. You may nevertheless inform us of the color(s) you do not wish to have.

Europ Auto Vacances will do its best to meet your wishes.

This year, I intend to discover France with my family. What is the reservation lead time?

The reservation lead time is generally at least 7 days in advance, but this depends primarily on the center and the country where your car will be delivered to you.

Since the car is a new Peugeot, and the formula is all-inclusive, this plan is very popular throughout the world. Therefore, Europ Auto Vacances recommends that you make your reservation as early as possible. The model that you want may no longer be available. Regular customers know this and reserve early. You also benefit from appreciated savings during our Early reservation period (mid-January to the end of March).

My friend praised the merits of this plan. Can I get more information?

The Peugeot Eurolease Plan is a simple and worry-free all-inclusive formula. You choose your new Peugeot car. It comes directly from the factory. You are its first user. You pay only for the time you use your car.

What are the conditions under which I can benefit from this plan?

This plan is available as of 18 years old, with no age limit. During your stay in Europe, you must not be gainfully employed.

I don’t know much about Peugeot cars. I am leaving with the family. Which car do you recommend?

The proposed range is examined at the beginning of each year to ensure that it meets all of your needs: number of persons, luggage, type of trip... Europ Auto Vacances helps you to choose the right car.

I am leaving with my wife and friends. Who can drive the vehicle?

The authorized drivers.

What is the insurance coverage of this plan?

The insurance contract is a comprehensive, deductible-free contract. You travel in complete tranquility with maximum coverage, warranties, and assistance.

I intend to travel 3,500 km during my holidays. What should my fuel budget be?

You can calculate your budget online by clicking on the photo of the model.

What do you recommend, gas or diesel?

Contrary to what you might think, we recommend diesel. The price per litre is less than for gas; all gas stations in Europe offer both types of fuel. Also, the HDI FAP (Particle Filter) diesel powered motors of the Peugeot cars, called “Blue Lion”, consume less and pollute less. Diesel is odourless in Europe.

By clicking on the photo of the chosen mode, you will obtain its technical features. 

Do I need an international license to drive in France?

No, but it is mandatory in some countries.

What are the authorized countries?

You can travel through these 38 authorized countries without paying additional fees.

Can my car be delivered to my hotel?

No, you car cannot be delivered outside of the Peugeot Open Europe delivery centers. This also applies to its return. French law prohibits us from driving your car.

I am leaving with 3 bicycles...


I would like a model equipped with a GPS...

You can choose a model with an integrated GPS or you may rent a ViaMichelin GPS.

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