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Car rental in Europe - Environment friendly vehicle

Discovering Europe in an environment friendly car is possible with the Peugeot buy-back program. Europ Auto offers you brand new cars that are more fuel efficient. This makes you combine comfort and peace of mind of a new vehicle with a reduction of your ecological imprint during your journey.

Less fuel, less pollution

Transportation being the source of over one quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in France, Peugeot continues to do research to offer users engines that are more powerful and less polluting.

Europ Auto guides you to choose a Peugeot adapted to your passengers and your type of travel. No matter if you choose a compact, an intermediate, a standard or a family minivan, you are sure to travel in a modern and fuel efficient vehicle with a lower CO2 emission. The buy-back option of Europ Auto enables you to travel more kilometers while reducing your fuel consumption.

Practical and efficient cars

HDI diesel engines and related pollution control systems such as direct fuel injection gasoline engines, designed and manufactured by Peugeot, combine environmental protection with driving pleasure. Each day, Peugeot continues to do research to develop technological solutions and design processes contributing to a better integration of the car with the environment.

Contribute yourself the environmental conservation by adopting responsible practices:

  • Take with you only the necessary amount of luggage in order to reduce the weight of the vehicle;
  • Check your itinerary before leaving to avoid any unwanted diversion du to works of events blocking your way;
  • For short distances, enjoy visiting the area by foot or bike.

Respect for the environment at Europ Auto

Each year, our brochures and catalogues are printed in a limited quantity. Our catalogues are printed on paper made with 35% of post-consumption fibres and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (, which certifies that the paper comes from forests managed with durability in mind and that it offers great environmental advantages:

  • less mature trees cut
  • less greenhouse gases emitted
  • processes requiring much less energy and water, while generating less waste.

Our brochures are also offered online, so that you can print only the pages you want

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